Milwaukee Road 261 - Rebuilt to Run (VHS video)

Milwaukee Road 261 - Rebuilt to Run (VHS video)
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Milwaukee Road #261 - Rebuilt to Run DVD

Excitement and anticipation were in the air when, on September 14, 1993, engineer Steve Sandberg eased Milwaukee Road steam locomotive #261 back to life in Minneapolis, MN. The Northern type engine, painted high-gloss black, was running under her own power for the first time since her restoration.

Milwaukee Road's big Alco had been pulled from the National Railway Museum, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, under the direction of North Star Rail in March, 1992. In record time, the 261 had been torn down, refurbished, and rebuilt. Now she was ready for her inaugural excursions the following weekend in Fond du Lac, WI.

On the way, the big 4-8-4 pulled a short train across Wisconsin Central tracks. She started the journey at a slow break-in pace, but by day three she was operating at full track speed, while crowds gathered to cheer her on. Once at Fond du Lac, #261 put on a great show. People came by the hundreds to marvel at the magnificent machine as it thundered up and down the tracks to Stevens Point and back.

Pentrex brings you all the history-making action of the inaugural excursion. Smoke, steam, and the haunting sounds of this massive locomotive are here for you to enjoy. Join us in our salute to America's newest steam giant, Milwaukee Road #261 - Rebuilt to Run!

60 Minutes
In Color with Live Audio and Narration
Packaged in Plain Wrap
Produced by Pentrex 1993

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