Virginian & Ohio: Afton Division Finale Photos

Virginian & Ohio: Pentrex visited Allen McClelland's renowned HO-scale layout before it was dismantled in 2001. These still photos are actual scenes ("frame captures") from the Pentrex video Virginian & Ohio: Afton Division Finale.
We tour the layout and visit the hotspots. Here an eastbound coal drag departs Santell yard with a tunnel motor on the point.
The locomotive servicing area at Afton has several units on hand, including an Alco RS-11 under the sand towers.
The Amtrak "Ridge Runner" roars out of Clintwood...
...and pops out of a tunnel on this scenery- laden layout.
V&O Train No. 91 meets Train No. 284 at Indian Hill Junction. The Southern Railway U33C on No. 284 is running long hood forward, as usual.
A Kelly's Creek & Bradley local pulled by Baldwin 86 crosses Kelly's Creek bridge at Elm Grove.
V&O Train No. 61 climbs a grade after picking up rear helpers at Dawson Springs.
Three generations of McClellands (Allen, Brady, and Brad) enjoy some quality time on the Virginian & Ohio.
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