Baltimore Light Rail - DVD Transit Gloria Mundi
By Transit Gloria Mundi

Baltimore Light Rail - DVD Transit Gloria Mundi
53 Mins


Product Description

Baltimore Light Rail is a lighthearted look at the first phase of Baltimore's new light rail line. The downtown segment is street running, while the bulk of the line to the North uses the right-of-way of the former Northern Central, a Pennsylvania Railroad subsidiary still used by Conrail for freight service.

The transition between the two segments is by way of "The Rebel Yell," a stretch of track so named because of its resemblance to a roller coaster. The part of the line through Robert E. Lee Park is one of the most scenic pieces of light rail trackage in North America.

The first part of this DVD shows a northbound trip from Camden Yards to Timonium from numerous points of view, both on-train and trackside. The second part follows construction from groundbreaking through opening day, showing details of tracklaying (both in-street and conventional), overhead construction, and the arrival and testing of the new cars. This DVD will appeal to both railfans and light rail advocates. All color, with full soundtrack.