Milwaukee Road Vols I-III DVD
By Pentrex

Milwaukee Road Vols I-III DVD
2 Hours 46 Mins


Product Description

Experience The Milwaukee Road of the early 1970s as Pentrex takes you on a three-volume video adventure along the Rocky Mountain Division! Explore the entire electrified Milwaukee Road line from Harlowton, Montana to Avery, Idaho in this exciting three-volume combo DVD. Extraordinary films taken by Ed Stimpson have been carefully selected and computer enhanced, and combined with incredible stereo sound recorded on the Milwaukee Road by Don Hunter. Pentrex has painstakingly researched the Milwaukee's electrics in order to bring you the most accurate, factual video ever produced on these marvelous machines. It's some of the most dynamic railroading in the United States!

Volume I: Electric Power on the Milwaukee Road - Alberton, Avery and the St. Paul Pass
Pentrex begins its incredible vintage series on the popular Milwaukee Road and its fascinating electric motive power with a look at Boxcabs and Little Joes hard at work on the Rocky Mountain Division in Alberton, Montana and from Avery, Idaho through the St. Paul Pass. Highlights of this 1972 footage include a profile of the impressive General Electric-built Boxcab motors which entered service in 1915, and the gutsy Little Joes which joined the roster in 1950.

We'll see both of these powerful and efficient motors in action hauling freight up the 1.7 percent grades on the breathtaking St. Paul Pass, sailing across the majestic trestles, diving into tunnels, and working in the yards at Alberton and Avery. This was the Milwaukee Road at its best, just prior to the end of electrification in June of 1974. (47 Minutes)

Volume II: Harlowton to Butte
Pentrex continues its trilogy of films about the Milwaukee Road's electrified Rocky Mountain Division with a detailed tour of the eastern portion of the route. The line from Harlowton to Butte, Montana saw plenty of action during the 1970s. There are thrilling scenes of electric power hard at work hauling freight over the area's challenging grades.

We begin our journey with a look at the non-electrified line that ran from Harlowton to Lewistown, Montana to view the diesel powered action on the Rocky Mountain Division. the yards at Harlowton linked the electrified division with the non-electrified line to the east and you'll visit the yards to catch the action there.

Highlights of our tour include a look at Vendome Loop and a ride in the cab of a Little Joe on the way from magnificent Pipestone Pass to Butte. The Little Joes and Boxcabs that once conquered these awesome grades represented electric power at its finest. The drama of machines battling spectacular terrain is vividly portrayed in this exciting tribute to the mighty Milwaukee Road. (41 Minutes)

Volume III: The Rocky Mountain Division
Pentrex takes you on a journey of exploration along the Milwaukee Road's electrified Rocky Mountain Division in 1973. This historic footage was shot just months before electrified service was replaced by diesel power. It covers the entire 440-mile route from Harlowton, Montana to Avery, Idaho.

You'll get a close look at the mighty Boxcabs and gutsy Little Joes that pulled freight across this beautiful territory, braving steep grades and spanning awesome gorges. Then you'll follow a work train and its crew for several days as it repairs track and replaces rail. Highlights of our adventure include a trip to the busy Lombard area, where Milwaukee track crossed the Burlington Northern.

From mountain prairies to steep, tree covered peaks, the Rocky Mountain Division was indeed a breathtaking sight, and now the spectacular scenery and nonstop Milwaukee Road action is available for your viewing pleasure! (78 Minutes)

DVD Special Features:
  • Two stereo soundtracks, one with the natural train sounds, the other with narration added. The viewer can switch the narration on or off at any time.

  • Chapter Menus provide instant access to program segments.

Two Hours 46 Minutes
In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration
Full-screen (4x3) Format
No region code; can be played in any NTSC DVD player worldwide
ISBN: 1-56342-111-9
UPC: 7-48268-00394-3

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