Norfolk & Western #1218 DVD
By Pentrex

Norfolk & Western #1218 DVD
1 Hour


Product Description

The Norfolk & Western 1218 is a mammoth 2-6-6-4 steam locomotive that shakes the earth as it thunders down the rails. Experience one of the greatest locomotives that still operate today.Travel to Virginia and witness the 1218 on various runs as it operates over its home rails. Included is the side-by-side running of the 1218 and the Norfolk & Western 611. Then follow the 1218 as it travels to St. Louis to participate in the 1990 National Railway Historical Society convention.This DVD is loaded with superb steam action that will leave you breathless. Included are highlights from our "Best of 1987," "Best of 1989," "St. Louis Steam Celebration" and "Steam To St. Louis" shows.30 Minutes Beautiful Color with Live Audio and NarrationPresented in Standard Definition 4x3 FormatCopyright 1991, 2014ISBN: 1-56342-364-2UPC: 7-48268-00647-0