Philadelphia Brill Bullet DVD
By Transit Gloria Mundi

Philadelphia Brill Bullet DVD
19 Mins


Product Description

In 1931, the Philadelphia and Western rebuilt their track for high-speed operation and took delivery of ten lightweight streamlined cars from the J. G. Brill Co. Quickly nicknamed Bullets, five of these legendary cars were still in service when we shot them in action during 1988 and 1989. We have edited nearly eight hours of footage to recreate a spectacular 14-minute high-speed run from 69th Street to Norristown. Unlike our other DVDs, this one has no narration; just a bit of music while we see some of the intense and varied activity at 69th Street, and then the soundtrack belongs to four 100 horsepower traction motors in glorious binaural stereo.Added to the DVD version:SynchroMapsTM throughout, and a reference map.

NOTE: The SynchroMap feature is intended to be turned on and off as needed. It is not meant to be left on for the duration of the DVD. Flickering will occur if it is left on while the video is playing.